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Get Involved

The power of the Big Brothers Big Sisters Program is in providing one-to-one friendship to a child. A first ballgame, a heart-to-heart talk or a milk-through-the-nose laugh might not seem Earth-shattering, but the power of that moment can be life-altering and truly part of something BIG.


Why Volunteer?

    Being a Big Brother or Big Sister is a magical experience! As a “Big,” you are given an opportunity to develop a special friendship with a child. You are simply sharing the joy of everyday moments and experiences that open up new worlds to a child.

  1. Complete the Volunteer Application and Pre-Interview Questionnaire and submit online.
  2. Complete the Information Release and Waiver, after submitting the online application and pre-interview questionnaire.
  3. Mail the release/waiver form to: U.P. KIDS BBBS at 57 Huron St, P.O. Box 428, Houghton, MI  49931.

Enroll a Child

      Through experiences with an adult friend, children gain self-confidence, exposure to different opportunities and the knowledge that another person cares. Through the enrollment process we work to ensure that our program is the best fit for the child and your family.  We provide quality mentoring relationships for children in non-traditional families between the ages of 6 and 12. Complete and submit the online enrollment form

Little Brother/Little Sister Registration

     to start the process to enroll your child today, free of charge.  There’s only one good time for a child to begin experiencing the amazing benefits of mentoring: NOW.

Other ways to Contribute

Experience the Magic

  • Volunteer to be a mentor
  • Invite BBBS to talk to your organization
  • Partner with BBBS for TEAM mentoring
  • Tell your school you support High Five
  • Organize a Bowl for Kids team
  • Sponsor Bowl for Kids with a donation:
  • Support BBBS through In-Kind gifts
  • Sponsor an enrichment activity
  • Tell a friend about Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • Advocate for children in your community
  • Help children to build their strengths

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